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Choosing the right oral healthcare provider matters. Not only is there the “people connection”, choosing a team for your dental care that you connect with and trust matters. So does the “feel” of your dental office. These components of your visit will either add to your stress or set you at ease.

You need to be comfortable, anxiety-free, and confident when you visit your dentist. Knowing the importance of dental care, your oral healthcare provider needs to be on the cutting-edge of modern and safe dental care, using treatment options with proven efficacy, in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

Too much to ask? Not at T Care Dental Clinics!

Our Services

With a mission to become an exemplary dental care provider that exhibit first-class services,

T Care Dental’s services includes but not limited to the following:

General Dentistry

Scaling, Polishing, Filling, Extraction & Dentures

General dentistry encompasses a wide array of services and procedures, all of which share a common goal, which is keeping your natural teeth and gums healthy. We believe it is important to practice good dental hygiene from a very early age. That is why we pride ourselves on being a full-service, local family dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a way to brighten not only your smile but your entire facial appearance. We strive to make the teeth whitening process comfortable and safe while ensuring you receive the natural-looking results you desire. With our professional teeth whitening options, you can expect significant whitening with lasting results.


As the last of three sets of molars to erupt, wisdom teeth typically come in at around the age of 18. If the wisdom teeth are straight and uncrowded, and fully emerge from the gums, then they may not need to be removed. However, serious complications can arise from wisdom teeth that are impacted, sideways, or crowding the surrounding teeth.
With our experienced Orthodontic Specialist and team, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality treatments to achieve your desired smile. We provide early and comprehensive treatment for children, adolescents, and complex interdisciplinary adult orthodontics problems, emphasizing aesthetic orthodontic treatment using the best orthodontic appliances.
Our aim is to provide personalized accessible and affordable Dental Implants for people of all ages. Our team of Implantologist, Dentists, and staff are deeply committed to delivering a high-quality dental experience through our professional standards, variety of dental implant systems, and Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery.

Dental Bridge, crown & veneers

We provide a full range of superior quality and affordable cosmetic dental services. These include crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, and tooth coloured filling. Using advanced technology and techniques, we create the smile you want with long-lasting dental materials and outstanding aesthetic results.
Clear Aligner technology is dedicated to transforming lives by improving the journey to a healthy, beautiful smile. Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are transparent, plastic forms of invisible dental braces used to adjust teeth and give you straight teeth. Get your customized invisible braces today at a very affordable price. Straighten your teeth and achieve your perfect smile!


Periodontics is the dental specialty focusing exclusively on the inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and other supporting structures around the teeth. Our highly-experienced Periodontic Specialist is dedicated to improving your gum health and providing you with the resources you need to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Therapy, known as Endodontic Therapy, is a treatment protocol used to remedy an infection that has taken root inside the pulp of a tooth. With our experienced Root Canal Specialists (Endodontists) this procedure is done using magnification equipment and single-use materials at our dental clinic to ensure the highest quality of treatment, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Why Choose Us?

T Care Dental Clinic is home to many patients who declare us their “forever dentist.”

What sets us apart from other dentists? Here are the top reasons why our patients love us, and why you should choose T Care Dental too!

high quality & Affordable

Million Dollar Smiles Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive! We strongly believe that the best payment plan is the one that works for you. We offer a variety of 0% interest or with No down payment in-house financing payment plan options.

Patient-centered Experience

Building relationships with our patients is not an afterthought. It is at the heart of what we do. Taking time to get to know our patients is an essential component of our mission to provide the best quality of care to each person who entrusts us with their dental health.

In-house Specialist dental Services

No more referrals, travelling or running around to another clinic to complete your dental treatment. We will be able to handle all dental complications which can be treated chair side in just a call.

THE T Care Experience

T Care Dental environment is a top priority for our practice, and our office has been designed with intention to make your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Yogesh

Clinical Director & Chief Executive Director

Dr. Firdaus

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist

Dr. Priyanka

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Arilatha

Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Elise

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Hamizah

General Dentist

Dr. Wang Kai Wen

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Lau Yee Shean

Dental Surgeon

What Our Clients Say About Us

Novie Tajjudin

Doctor Yogesh has pleasant personality, handle with care and always approachable. She is more as a friend rather than dentist! That’s how comfortable with her and I would recommend anyone to bring family members to her clinic.😊

C.Sum Wei

It’s been a long time since I visited a dental clinic since I have a phobia for dentist until recently I’ve decided to do extraction and filling for a few teeth (including wisdom teeth). The first visit turns out to be a comfortable, pain-free experience that led me to do a couple more visit. The price is reasonable and I’m planning to return for root canal treatment and crowning. Well done.

Oliver Kent

Dr Yogesh is the Dentist!!!
She does handle my anxiety perfectly well and very meticulous with her work. Good for my teeth…


Dr Yogesh, more than a dentist, she is a good friend! I’ve always been afraid of dentist and but everytime around, she makes me feel at ease. She takes time in explaining everything. If your looking for a friendly dentist, then I would highly recommend he

Mei Shin Oh

Very professional service from Dr Yogesh. She explains well on procedure, causes and precaution before the treatment, handles with care and gentle. Definitely recommended!

Natalia Joseph

Amazing service from start to finish. Staff was very prompt and friendly which made booking of appointment a breeze. Dr Yogesh was very professional and my teeth are super clean! Would recommend!

RD Lee

I went here last week and I’m planning to go here again. Dr Yogesh was really gentle so it was not really painful when she cleaned my teeth. She is also really nice, she explained to me what needed to be done with my teeth and understood my financial status as a student. She didn’t force me to do everything at once. Highly recommend this place 🙂

Maria H

All the staff members are very kind. Dr.Yogesh is excellent and very gentle with my 2 young daughters! They actually love visiting the dentist office because of her. Only good experiences here. They’ve had fillings done(as I have myself too), general checkups, I’ve gotten cleaning done, and more – all quick and painless. Highly recommend!


Dr.Yogii@ Yogesh.. such a wonderfully experience. Thank you for the wonderful work on the fillings on my front teeth. The shade of white you used perfectly matches my other teeth. The filling is not noticeable at all. Also, the office staff is very nice and helpful whenever I schedule appointments or having billing questions. Definitely recommend!!

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Visit us at any one of our locations located at Puchong, and Sunway.

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Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +03-8066 9958
H/P: +019-999 3865

Working Hours
Mon – Fri: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Sat – Sun: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

17A, Jalan Kenari 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

H/P: + 012-6063865

Working Hours
Mon – Fri: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Sat – Sun: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

No 11 Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 6/6, Desa Mentari, 46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +03-78652585
H/P: +013-9996323

Working Hours
Mon – Fri: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Sat – Sun: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM


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