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Dental implants come far closer to providing a true replacement option for missing teeth.

Types Of Dental Implant

Deciding on which implant to use isn’t always straightforward. We always take great measures to choose the right type of implant based on the patient’s need. There are several factors that we must consider, including how many teeth are missing, the strength of the jaw bone and the health of the surrounding teeth and many more.

Each implant is designed for a specific use. It is about finding the right ones for your oral health, comfort, budget and lifestyle.

Why Dental Implant?

Heres 6 reasons why you should consider having a dental implant.

1. Highly Aesthetic, Natural & Permanent

Provides both the look and feel of your own natural teeth. They provide a perfect match to the colour of your surrounding tooth. People will admire your beautiful smile and no one will even know that you had anything done unless you choose to tell them.

2. Durability

Implant offers great strength and stability. This is because the Implant within your jaw bone will fully integrate with the bone tissue like a natural tooth does. Thus will allow the implant to absorb the stress that your teeth undergo when chewing and eating. Properly cared implant can last a lifetime (≥30 years)

3. Comfort, Improve Speech and Chewing Ability

It is attached firmly to your jaw. It closely mimic your natural teeth. Thus allows patient to speak with confidence and prevents slurred speech. Dental implant also preserve jaw bone and reduces bone resorption. It creates good occlusal contact with the opposing teeth, therefore it could improve ability of chewing food too.

4. Preserves Facial Features

Whenever your permanent teeth are missing, your cheeks will tend to collapse inwards because of the loss of jaw bone in that area. The more pronounce this becomes, the more you experience rapid facial aging that can make you look significantly older that your actual age. The good news is that dental implant is a permanent solution that prevent facial collapse due to missing teeth and the resultant loss of bone mass.

5. Prevent Bone Loss

Whenever you have missing teeth, the underlying bone in the empty space is no longer stimulated, causing it to deteriorate over time. Within a year the jaw bone can reduce as much as 25% of its original volume. Dental implant acts or provides a substitute tooth root. The jawbone will fuse around your new dental implant to provide a firm foundation so that it cannot slip, just as with your natural teeth.

6. Does Not Compromise Adjacent Teeth/Tooth

Implant placement does not involve trimming of adjacent teeth for support (eg: dental bridges). The implant itself does not required mechanical support or retention from adjacent teeth (eg: denture). As the implant (titanium screw) is completely integrated with the bone tissue, it acts as the root of your natural tooth. Therefore it has great strength and stability.

The Process of Getting Dental Implant

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