Dental X-ray


Technology is moving faster than we can think, so it is time to update our thinking and make smart investments. It is not the acquisition of the equipment that makes the difference, it is embracing the possibilities that the technology delivers….That is the game changer!! To overcome difficulties associated with conventional techniques, to increase accuracy and to increase patient comfort, we, in T Care Dental are now using Intra Oral Scanner.

What is an intra oral scanner?

Intraoral scanners are used to record 3D geometry of an object precisely. It is then subsequently used to produce customize dental service. Intraoral scanner offers an exciting alternative to conventional means of impression taking. It can be used from basic dental services to even speciality services like orthodontic services based on suit.

Benefit of intra oral scanner

  1. Efficient
  2. Time saving
  3. Diagnostic acuity is improved
  4. Removal of impression (mould taking) and the incorporation of an efficient 3-D printer increases patient comfort 
  5. Appliances/ Restorations like crown, bridge and veneers can be obtained sooner
  6. Appliances/ Restorations fits better in patients mouth
  7. Permanent access to their digital models for replacement appliances
  8. No physical models required for storage
  9. Gag reflex management

Intraoral scanning presents a viable alternative to conventional impression techniques within the confines of strict case criteria. Intraoral scanning has shown great potential within restorative dentistry, orthodontics and more recently guided implant surgery.

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