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What client says about us

Novie Tajjudin

Doctor Yogesh has pleasant personality, handle with care and always approachable. She is more as a friend rather than dentist! That’s how comfortable with her and I would recommend anyone to bring family members to her clinic.😊

C.Sum Wei

It’s been a long time since I visited a dental clinic since I have a phobia for dentist until recently I’ve decided to do extraction and filling for a few teeth (including wisdom teeth). The first visit turns out to be a comfortable, pain-free experience that led me to do a couple more visit. The price is reasonable and I’m planning to return for root canal treatment and crowning. Well done.

Oliver Kent

Dr Yogesh is the Dentist!!!
She does handle my anxiety perfectly well and very meticulous with her work. Good for my teeth…


Dr Yogesh, more than a dentist, she is a good friend! I’ve always been afraid of dentist and but everytime around, she makes me feel at ease. She takes time in explaining everything. If your looking for a friendly dentist, then I would highly recommend he

Mei Shin Oh

Very professional service from Dr Yogesh. She explains well on procedure, causes and precaution before the treatment, handles with care and gentle. Definitely recommended!

Natalia Joseph

Amazing service from start to finish. Staff was very prompt and friendly which made booking of appointment a breeze. Dr Yogesh was very professional and my teeth are super clean! Would recommend!

RD Lee

I went here last week and I’m planning to go here again. Dr Yogesh was really gentle so it was not really painful when she cleaned my teeth. She is also really nice, she explained to me what needed to be done with my teeth and understood my financial status as a student. She didn’t force me to do everything at once. Highly recommend this place 🙂

Maria H

All the staff members are very kind. Dr.Yogesh is excellent and very gentle with my 2 young daughters! They actually love visiting the dentist office because of her. Only good experiences here. They’ve had fillings done(as I have myself too), general checkups, I’ve gotten cleaning done, and more – all quick and painless. Highly recommend!


Dr.Yogii@ Yogesh.. such a wonderfully experience. Thank you for the wonderful work on the fillings on my front teeth. The shade of white you used perfectly matches my other teeth. The filling is not noticeable at all. Also, the office staff is very nice and helpful whenever I schedule appointments or having billing questions. Definitely recommend!!