Orthodontics (Braces)


We practice full face orthodontics. We are just not concerned to align your teeth but we are also concerned with your facial profile, jaw development as well as the function and alignment of the teeth. We aim to harmonize the teeth and the face to give a beautiful face with a beautiful smile.

Many tends to associate orthodontics treatment for only aesthetics purposes. Although orthodontic treatment, improve one’s appearance, its purpose goes beyond that. 

Malalignment of teeth (crooked, crowded, deep bite, spacing and etc) many lead to underlying dental health risks. For instance, it’s harder to clean crooked teeth, which will eventually result in decay or may even cause gum issues in a long run. There is also something known as chewing strain that is primarily caused by misalignment. This is why it’s important to seek orthodontic treatment when it is necessary.

How does Braces work?

It works by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. 
We are proud to say that we are now only using passive self-ligation system in our clinics. The advantage of using this system is:

  • Rapid movement
  • Better arch development
  • Better stability
  • Reduces accumulation of plaque
  • Less need for extraction
  • Less root resorption

Here in T Care dental, every treatment is designed and customized for each individual based on the needs and desire.


Below are the orthodontic treatments available in our clinic:

  • Fixed orthodontics (Metal and Ceramic Braces)
  • Removable appliances
  • Clear aligners
  • Fixed and removable retainers (placed after removal of the brackets)

Do you require any orthodontic treatment? Do not delay. Talk to our friendly dentists and orthodontists to see what your options are.